The Dartmouth Business Forum is the trading name of the Dartmouth and District Chamber of Trade Ltd. It is a local organisation that seeks to listen, support and help businesses grow in the town of Dartmouth, Devon.

The Chamber itself was founded in 1939, and has been run since that time by local Businesses and their representatives. In 2014, the Forum seeks to provide a modern way for all Businesses in the Town to engage with both each other, and the most pressing issues of the time. The Forum is a meeting place for sharing Business expertise and contacts, and will promote these principles with a series of quarterly Keynote events starting in late 2014. Our mandate is to:

  1. Help all local businesses, charities, social enterprises, healthcare agencies and care homes to be more successful
  2. The Forum created the Dartmouth BID and will act on behalf of members to support the Dartmouth BID in achieving its objectives
  3. Extend the influence of the Forum around the geographic area to encourage wider membership within the TQ6 area
  4. Create a framework for protecting the interests of all local organisations and the wider community
  5. Help drive up employment of local young people
  6. Collaborate with all other interest groups wherever possible to create synergies and avoid duplications of effort and /or conflicts
  7. Be proactive and offer to provide help and consulting for any member company or non-member who requests assistance.